Our licensed turf, tree and shrub specialists provide fertilization and weed control services and programs to help provide protection from insects and disease.  We can design a program, which includes fertilization; pre-emergent and post emergent weed control, control of grubs and other damaging insects and control of turf diseases and fungus for your turf.  Our professional tree and shrub specialists can help protect your landscape investment.  We will design and monitor a program that will provide the proper nutrients and guard against insect or disease damage.

Another service that our fertilization department offers is core aeration and overseeding of your turf areas.  Core aeration is an essential step in maintaining a healthy and vigorous lawn.  Soil aeration is the process of removing a portion of the soil and thatch layer to open channels in the soil for air movement and gas exchange in the root zone.  It also relieves soil compaction, improves water absorption and helps prepare soil for overseeding.

It is highly recommended that new lawns be treated with a complete fertilization and core aeration program for at least two years.  It takes two years for a new lawn to become established.

MDA #25699